Karl Ranna

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It slipped my mind


Ever had something that you wanted to talk about, but suddenly you forgot? You were so sure that you’d remember it, but in the heat of the moment, you lost it.

Don’t worry. Everyone has moments like these. The connection is still there in your brain – the data is not lost. It’s just being reindexed.

Visualize yourself going back to the nearest feeling when you had the original idea and take it from there. Keep focusing and you’ll remember soon enough.

Personal versus statistics


Would you care more for 13-year-old Bob who was suffering from X and got cured by Y? Or would you care for Y that helped heal 2% of the teenager’s X?

The logical part of our brain might convey that the last story would be more meaningful, but interestingly, we care more about individuals. Throwing statistics at people doesn’t yield results as we’re wired to be moved by stories of real people rather than numbers. We don’t care about the masses.

Test of time


We get to take it one time. There are no redos. It’s just this moment and the next one. We cannot go back and change the previous moment. All we can do is to make the right decision for us in the future moments we have.

Forced creativity


There’s a saying that you can’t force creativity that I don’t entirely agree with. It’s the daily practice for the allocated amount of time that will yield results. Your mind will come up with something. It has to – there is no other way.

It will be challenging to do at first, but the mind will adjust. The key is to allocate dedicated focus sessions to a given task regularly.

Until we lose it


It’s the thing that most of us take for granted. Only until we start losing it, we realize that it’s one of the most important things. Without it, we cannot enjoy everything else. Health.

Why is it that most of us ignore it?

Just smile


Sometimes it’s best not to say anything. Just smile, nod and move forward. Do your thing. People don’t want to be told they’re wrong.

The plants we grow


Some plants need a lot of water to grow. Occasionally, if you overwater them, they will get infected and die. Most of the time they will keep growing and giving.

Everyone should have their plants to water and nurture. We cannot always guarantee that they will succeed, but we can maximize our chances by having many.

Why is important


It’s more important than how. The how can be figured out later. The why also guides us into what we’re going to do. The why gives us incredibly deep power to achieve our what and how.

Things that start with how and what usually tend to fail.

Dedicated focus sessions


I feel like it’s much better to split my day up into multiple chunks to focus on my most important tasks. That means I focus completely on one thing – phone on silent, no distractions.

Breaks between the sessions are required to make the brain process the new information. The break can be a power nap, cooking food, exercising or even a quick walk outside.

It works like magic. That’s why we say: “Sleep on it!”.

Being in a rush


It’s good to be a little stressed because of time now and then. People come up with creative solutions when deadlines timebox them. Solutions that we wouldn’t consider if we had all the time in the world.