For greenfield projects I tend to use EmberJS and Firebase most of the time.

Why? Let’s examine my thought process a bit further.


Out of all the JavaScript frameworks out there I’m most comfortable with Ember. I occasionally mess around with other frameworks to get new ideas and perspectives (React, Angular, Cycle, Vue), but one thing that always gets me back to Ember is the ember-cli and all the build tooling around it.


It takes care of the initial backend (authentication, authorization, realtime database, storage and deployment). It’s incredibly easy to get started and has out of the box support for Ember.

Although if you have traditionally used relational databases it might be a bit difficult to wrap your head around on how to structure your data in essentially a big JSON object. It’s definitely not suitable for every kind of project, but it will do for the vast majority of projects.


It depends - use whatever technologies you’re productive and comfortable with.